04 October 2011

Moda LATE BLOOMERS Precut Fabrics

by Sandy Gervais
Moda LATE BLOOMERS Quilt Fabric by Sandy Gervais

by Sandy Gervais

Fat Quarter Bundles, Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes are available.

"The end of summer approaches and I am thankful for late blooming flowers to carry on with color until the first frost puts everything down for the winter. These late blooming flowers were the inspiration for this fabric line. Just as summer is waving its final goodbye, Late Bloomers will arrive in stores with a pop of subtle color mixed in with the warm golden brown tones of fall. Prints and plaids in warm colors of muslin, brick red, teal, bronze and walnut stitched into your projects are sure to be as pleasing as late bloomers in your garden."

I love the beautiful fall flowers, mums, sunflowers, and one of my personal favorites, Chinese Lanterns.  Which fall flowers do you have in your garden?


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