30 September 2011

Moda CATTAILS & CLOVER Precut Fabrics

by Kansas Troubles Quilters

Moda CATTAILS & CLOVER Quilt Fabric by Kansas Troubles Quilters

by Kansas Troubles Quilters

Fat Quarter Bundles, Fat Eighth Bundles, Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes are available.

"Cattails herald the cooler days of fall as their fuzzy brown heads burst into fluffy white seeds.  Cattails & Clover’s warm palette and collection of autumn prints reminds us of nature’s last burst of rich color in the fall."

Do you have Cattails where you live?  We have loads of them especially near the highways!  I was surprised to learn that most of the Cattail plant is edible.  The pounded roots were also used as a poltice for burns or sores.  For more Cattail lore visit this informative site.
Looking at these photos you can sure see where the Kansas Troubles folks chose their color palette.
I hope you are enjoying the fun facts I am including along with each posting.  I would love to hear some feedback about it.  Happy Quilting!



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