29 September 2011

Moda CAPE ANN Precut Fabrics

by Oliver + S

Moda CAPE ANN Quilt Fabric by Oliver + S

by Oliver + S

Fat Quarter Bundles (in brushed cotton),
Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes are available.

"Cape Ann was inspired by the charming illustrative work of Virginia Lee Burton. The toile print features Liesl's illustrations of children at play in nature. The supporting prints include elements from nature, as well as vintage-inspired prints and patterns. The collection is simultaneously nostalgic and contemporary."

Do you know who Virginia Lee Burton is??  Only the author illustrator of the FAMOUS 
Mike Mullligan and his Steam Shovel.

Everyone loved Mike Mulligan and Marianne right?  It is one of my favorite childhood books!  She wrote many books we would all know.  Check out her biography here.  What was one of your favorite childhood books?  If you could make it into fabric what would the fabric have on it?

Here's a free Popover Sundress pattern from Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S.
Go check out the Oliver + S blog  to learn more about Liesl Gibson and Oliver + S.

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  1. Check out the Little Toot fabric now available -- I used it for the backing of my grandson's baby quilt. It has Little Toot in red and blue floating around in a sea of yellow, with various expressions on his face. When I quilted spirals in chain stitch on the reverse side, the dashed blue lines on the Little Toot side looked like whirpools that tied the various boats into an action scene. I love it! Lots of Mariannes in a few different poses with facial expressions would be a big hit. A new town hall here and there might be good too.