13 March 2014


by Kathy Schmitz
Moda PIECEMAKERS Quilt Fabric by Kathy Schmitz for Moda Fabrics

by Kathy Schmitz

Kathy Schmitz talks about her new fabric line, "I have always gotten a kick out of the creative names quilt guilds come up with. In this line of fabric I wanted to do a focal piece using graphics of notions, cute guild names, and some of my favorite guilty quotes. I did most of the drawing and writing using a pen and ink which lent itself well to the aged look I was going for. The sepia tone of the ink I used was the first color in this design. Playing with the ink I soon found it actually had several shades of brown that felt really warm and cozy to me. I wanted to add some shades of blue to the mix of browns and I came up with a blueish colonial tealish twist!"


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