02 June 2013

Moda Honeycomb Hexagons

I can't wait to introduce you to the latest precut being produced by Moda.  It's called the Honeycomb.  There is a project sheet available for them and you can see it over here.  The Moda Bake Shop has several new quilt patterns using these fun precuts.  This one is particularly neat.

If you are nervous about how to sew with them this video, done by Lissa Alexander, would be helpful.

Bonnie and Camille have some hints here too. They also show some of their honeycomb patterns.
Here is one of their patterns.
Thimble Blossoms JUGGLE Quilt Pattern

I see that V and Co. has made some new patterns and one using the honeycombs that is outstanding!  You can see them on her blog right here.
V and Co. CONFETTI Quilt Pattern

She also has a great bag pattern that uses these fun precuts

(photo from V and Co blog)

What fun projects do you have in mine for using these latest and greatest precuts??


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