10 February 2013


by Kate Spain
Moda HONEY HONEY Quilt Fabric by Kate Spain

by Kate Spain

Fat Quarter Bundles, Dessert Rolls, Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes and Charm Packs are available.

"Honey Honey is buzzing with the sweet freshness of a summery seaside cottage garden in full bloom. Ocean breezes whirl throughout the collection that features a mix of lush border gardens, hydrangea, asters, lavender, and kaleidoscopic lace and honeycomb patterns. Lively tea roses in vibrant shades of coral, blush and violet are ready to be snipped and stitched into whatever project is in your daydreams! So take a stroll, and see what the tide washes onto the shores of your creativity."

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  1. Your honey honey fabric is looking very attractive please share your experience with us.