24 July 2012

Moda DEAR MR. CLAUS Fabric

by Cosmo Cricket
Moda DEAR MR. CLAUS Christmas Quilt Fabric by Cosmo Cricket

by Cosmo Cricket

Fat Quarter Bundles, Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes and Charm Packs are available.

"Dear Mr. Claus, I have been a very good person and all I want for Christmas is you.  Nothing more, just you. Together we could make the most wonderful quilts. After all, I do hear it's cold up north. I also think that Christmas trees would be beautiful bedecked with ornaments and skirts featuring your nostalgic charm... you are very charming, you know. Oh, don't worry, I promise to share you with the elves so that they can make gifts for others. So, won't you join me for the holiday? Pretty please!"


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