15 May 2012

Sliced Apples Cutting Directions

I hope you are all as excited as we are to begin our QAL!! 
 Here is the info you have been waiting for.

I will tell you all the measurements and assume you are using unwashed fabric. 
 If you wash it first, you may need a little bit more to complete the top.

Let's begin with the center:

Select 65 colored squares for your center and 65 of your plain white ones.  If you are cutting your own squares you will need to cut that many 5" squares.

For your borders, you should measure your center before you cut these.  I will give you the finished measurements of mine, but measure yours before you cut your white strips.

My center, all sewn, measured 40.5" X 52.5"

1st white border:  Cut 2 strips 2.5" X WOF (width of fabric) You will use this for the top and bottom
                             Cut 3 strips 2.5" X WOF  You will use these for the sides

*You will sew and cut to exact measurements later so just leave these as WOF for now.

Pieced border:  Select 26 colored charm squares.  Cut them 2.5" x 4.5"

**TIP: If you are using directional fabric, cut some horizontally and some vertically.

You should measure again before cutting this border to make sure your borders match the dimensions of your top.  My measurement was 48.5" x 60.5"

2nd white border: Cut 3 strips 4.5"  X WOF for top and bottom
                              Cut 4 strips 4.5" X WOF for sides (2 sets of 2 strips for each side)

*You will sew and cut to exact measurements later so just leave these as WOF for now.

Binding:  Assuming 2.5" strips, cut 7 strips 2.5" X WOF

I will tell you that your life will be much easier if you have the following tools before we begin.

 I would NOT sew HSTs without one of these. 
 I prefer Clearly Perfect because it is larger so the squares I begin with can start out larger, bonus!

The other thing is an Olfa rotating mat
 When you are trimming blocks a rotating mat is invaluable!

So now you can get some cutting done. 
 I know there isn't much, so enjoy this part and
 in 2 weeks we will post the sewing instructions for the center, 
followed by the border instructions.

You are one step closer to this! 

 Please go to our Flickr group here and post your fabric choices and your progress.
If you are joining us, please leave us a comment and tell us where you blog too!


  1. I've finally posted my fabrics on Flickr....counted out my 65 colored squares and am ready to start sewing.

    1. I'm so glad you are joining us for the QAL.
      I like your fabric choice of Moda's Fairy Tale Friends. See you soon!