09 February 2012

Moda SANDHILL PLUMS Precut Fabric

by Kansas Troubles Quilters
Moda SANDHILL PLUMS Quilt Fabric by Kansas Troubles Quilters

by Kansas Troubles Quilters

Fat Quarter Bundles, Fat Eighth Bundles, Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls, Honey Buns and Layer Cakes are available.

Kansas Troubles Quilters said, "A long window of Sandhill Plums grows by the pond within view from my design studio window at the cabin. I enjoy the ever-changing display of bright green leaves in early spring to white blooms in early summer, fruit in shades from cream to pink to dark red in late summer and finally, the leaves turning crimson in the fall. I used to help my Gramma Ethel pick the tart fruit to make Sand Plum Jelly. Each year, she would remind me not to eat the plums right off the vine, but I always had to try at least one, puckering and spitting the tart fruit every time. She would just smile and shake her head, telling me to be patient for the sweet jelly to come, slathered on warm biscuits. Now that she’s gone and I’m older, I looked up the recipe for Sand Plum Jelly and realized why it was so good - there’s about 1 1/2 times the sugar to plum juice! Maybe next year, I’ll beat the birds to the shiny red fruit and make a batch of Sand Plum Jelly to share a family tradition with my grankids."


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