15 December 2011

Moda REUNION Fabric Precuts

by Sweetwater
Moda REUNION Fabric by Sweetwater

by Sweetwater

Sweetwater says, "There is a developing community advertised on a billboard along the interstate named Reunion. I have always noticed that sign, because if I were to live in a new community, I think I would like it to be called Reunion. And if we were going to design a new collection, we all agreed we loved the name Reunion. One of the main colors in the collection is navy, which is something totally new for us. We love it paired with the grey and the happy shades of green, yellow and red make it come to life. Our favorite part of designing this collection wasn’t even creating the designs themselves. We had so much fun naming the prints. Each design reminded us of a family member at a reunion. Our favorites are Ava’s Aprons, Timmy’s Ties and Nora’s News. We don’t actually have an Ava, Timmy or Nora in our family, but it was fun to pretend!"


  1. This was the exact reason I came to check you out this late at night!!! Now to convince the hubby...

  2. Do you know when you will have Reunion by the yard?

    1. Hi, Thank you for your question. I'm sorry, but I won't be getting any Reunion yardage. I wish I could order every fabric from every line, but I don't have the room.