05 October 2011

Moda FLORA Precut Fabrics

by Lauren + Jessi Jung

Moda FLORA Quilt Fabric by Lauren + Jessi Jung

by Lauren + Jessi Jung

"Secret gardens...English tea parties...the awakening of Spring, all resonate with the same vibe that FLORA captures. Take some time to get lost in each of the patterns, finding the secrets hidden within. You’ll meet playful bunnies, tiny inch worms and garden snails, intricate spiderwebs, busy hummingbirds, and honey bees... FLORA’S English garden theme sets the mood with aviaries, bouquets, atomizers, and lattice walls, all combined to create a delicately formal mood, while still maintaining a free, more organic style of illustration."

I love this line, so fresh and clean.  I keep thinking about formal gardens when I see it.  Like these:

There is something about formal gardens that just makes me happy.  Maybe it's the order.  I kinda wish my own garden had a little more order although there is something to be said for that controlled messy look right?  Sort of like controlled scrappy in a quilt.  The greens of this line combined with the aqua just evoke water and gardens.  GORGEOUS!  Maybe you need a little bit of that in your life too.  This line of fabric would make one fabulous quilt to sleep under, in your own formal garden!  
(OK, now where's the fauna??)


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