24 September 2011

Moda LITTLE APPLES Fabric Yardage

by Aneela Hoey

Moda LITTLE APPLES Quilt Fabric by Aneela Hoey

by Aneela Hoey

All 32 fabrics are available.

"Little apples is all about what happens in the fall, the kids are playing in the park with their scarves flapping in the wind and singing rhyming songs, round and round they go, just like the seasons. The little apples are falling off the trees and spied by a tortoise who has momentarily peeked out from under his shell and decided to take a stroll. The leaves are swirling around on the wind, providing a brilliantly coloured backdrop to all the goings on, the beauty of fall is definitely here!"

Here's a link to a free quilt pattern that features Moda LITTLE APPLES Fabric,

Who doesn't love Aneela's fabric?  It was perfect for it to come out in the fall since it is apple picking season here in Michigan too.  Do you visit the apple orchard with your family?  Do you love apple cider and apple orchard doughnuts?  I LOVE them and look forward to extremely fresh apples at this time of year. MMMMMMM Apples...


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