27 April 2011

Happy Easter?

I know Easter was last Sunday. But I have an Easter story to share.
My DH and DS asked me if I wanted candy or flowers or something else for Easter. I told them I didn't want anything. But my DH always insists on getting me something. So, I suggested that they write me a poem, thinking that they wouldn't do it. Well, guess what? They each wrote me a poem!

Here's the poem my DS wrote, it's a Haiku (the different he's referring to is that we spent Easter in a hotel rather than at home):
Today is Easter
Hope you enjoy it
It's diff'rent than usual
We can still have lots of fun
Here in a hotel

And here's the poem my DH wrote:
Ode to CrazyQuiltGirl (written with a Jamaican accent)

How I love CrazyQuiltGirl, let me count the many way
Not because she start her own business, from the ground up on eBay

Not because she provide affordable fabric to quilter in many nation
Requiring her to make many daily trip to the local postal station

Not because her customer reward her with many feedback star
Although some of them come up with comment which is quite bizarre

Not because she keep tings running while her husband be on the roada
Or because she buy lots of charm pack and jell roll from Moda

It because all of these things, but many more – and so I must say this Easta season
I love CrazyQuiltGirl more every year, for these but many, many more reason

Happy Easter,


  1. You have such great fabrics in your onlinestore!Fantastic!

  2. Love a man with a sense of humor...JOY he is for you...love it...

  3. Oh Cori, I LOL when I read this! So like each of them!! Thanks for sharing a peek into your life too!!

  4. How sweet is that??? How come you don't link to your blog from your shop? Just curious:) Have a great day!